A Sustainable Bavaria Travel Guide, Germany


If you’re looking for the ultimate sustainable Bavaria travel guide, you’re in the right place!

The Free State of Bavaria (in German: Freistaat Bayern) comprises the entire southeast portion of Germany. This area of Germany is packed with many incredible things to do and sights to see, making creating a Bavaria itinerary pretty trick as it becomes hard to pick which activities to include.

To help you plan your trip to Bavaria, we’ve compiled a list of the top things to do, places to stay and restaurants to eat at in our sustainable Bavaria travel guide.

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A sustainable Bavaria travel guide

Here’s a complete guide to exploring the Bavaria region sustainably.

Eco-friendly places to stay in Bavaria

Here are our top recommendations for sustainable accommodation in Bavaria.

Biohotel Falkenhof

  • Address: Paracelsusstraße 4, 94072 Bad Füssing
  • Tel: +49 8531 9743

Biohotel Falkenhof is ecologically designed down to the last detail, from the furnishings to the diverse relaxation offers and culinary delicacies. An amiable team takes care of the well-being and needs of the guests.

We love the sustainable values at this accommodation. At the Bio-Vitalhotel Falkenhof you will find by conviction only the best that nature has to offer. 100% BIO mainly from BIOLAND and DEMETER. Conservation of resources and efficient use of energy are just as important to them as the promotion of regional structures and organic farms. By building a combined heat and power plant in spring 2011, they now produce their electricity and heat, thus saving 90 T CO2 per year.

They have been using green electricity since January 2012.

Facilities include a private spa, sauna, muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen, water gymnastics in the salt water pool, Qi Gong, silent Qi Gong, meditation, Nordic walking, back training, yoga, run yourself fit.

Bio Thermalhotel Falkenhof in Bavaria
Bio Thermalhotel Falkenhof – image by Booking.com

7 Sentidos

  • Address: Halliant-Gerstl GBR, Grossbaernbacher Strt. 50, D-94253 Bishop Corn
  • Tel: +49 (0)9920 9036737

7Sentidos offers sustainable luxury with hammock & box spring beds in the middle of the Bavarian forest.

The 7Sentidos is home to lovely people who appreciate easy living. The sunny attitude to life and the dignified, almost tangible attentiveness of the Bavarian Forest. Chilling out in the hammock is just as much a part of the good tone here as having a relaxed breakfast in your pajamas.

Their casitas are so far apart that everyone can consciously enjoy their private space. And yet they are so close that a homey, cozy village feeling soon sets in.

All around – and very often in the middle – are many charmed retreating places. Sometimes shady, sometimes mossy, sometimes in full sun. Sometimes protected under the canopy, sometimes quite ethereal, esoteric & dreamy.

7Sentidos accommodation in Bavaria
7Sentidos accommodation in Bavaria

Sustainable things to do in Bavaria

What’s a Bavaria travel guide without a list of things to do? Here’s how to make the most of the region, sustainably.

Hike to Burgberger Leite

Hike to Burgberger Leite, one of the most impressive gorge landscapes in the Bavarian Forest and one of the most beautiful geotopes in Bavaria. You should not miss the suspension bridge over the Wolfsteiner Ohe.

ÖPNV/Transport tip: There is a daily bus connection from Ringelai back to Freyung. You can find the times of the buses here: Timetable. You can also find a possible tour here.

Tour Info:

Drive (~1 hour) to the starting point/parking: Wanderparkplatz Ohebrücke, Ringelai (free parking)

Walk with the Komoot app, following the Tour “Rundweg Buchberger Leite”. Or use the following files for your own hiking app:

Tour length: 9 km

Hiking time: about 3 hours

Rundweg Buchberger Leite hiking trail
Rundweg Buchberger Leite hiking trail

Refreshment stops:

In Freyung and Ringelai, there are several places to stop for refreshments.

A sensational hiking trail along the raging waters of the “Wolfsteiner Ohe” into which you can also dangle your feet to take a break. The approximately 9 km long hiking trail leads through one of the most impressive gorge landscapes of the Bavarian Forest to the town of Freyung.

The Buchberger Leite between Ringelai and Freyung was awarded as one of the most beautiful geotopes in Bavaria. “Wildbachklamm Buchberger Leite” is the name of this hiking trail, which was awarded the seal of quality as “Bavaria’s most beautiful geotope”. With this, the Bavarian Ministry of the Environment brought the new protection program “Bavaria’s most beautiful geotopes” to the district.

In the Buchberger Leite, the sensational interaction and the mighty forces of nature become clear to one.

Wildly romantic, lined with lush flora and fauna, this gorge-like gorge of the “Wolfsteiner Ohe” is a treat for the eye and soul during the good two-hour hike.

At the water’s edge, flora and fauna offer rarities in abundance that can hardly be found elsewhere. For example, the iridescent kingfisher, the fire salamander or the tawny owl, which has its territory here. Species-rich canyon forest with spruce, beech, fir, sycamore maple, mountain elm, black alder, determines the vegetation on the steep slopes and accompanies the hiker along the stream. Many wild flowers, such as honeysuckle, aconite, golden nettle, brookwort, soldanelle, are constant companions. An installation with dam walls is still witness to the old drifting on the Wolfsteiner Ohe, where tree trunks were once transported by water. Shortly before Ringelai, the weir of the Triftsperre is very well preserved.

An absolute “must” on the trail is the suspension bridge near Ringelai, which is attached to the banks by four ropes. Those who take the test of courage march over it, those who don’t can take the path past the fish pond. At the Triftsperre, both paths converge again.

Rundweg Buchberger Leite hiking trail
Rundweg Buchberger Leite hiking trail

Cycling tour to Schloss Neuburg am Inn

Join a cycling tour to Schloss Neuburg am Inn (~1.5 one way). You’ll get the rental bike through the hotel’s bicycle partner “Fahrrad Uttenthaler”.

Neuburg am Inn Castle is located in Neuburg am Inn near Passau in Lower Bavaria. The hilltop castle is enthroned opposite Wernstein Castle high above the Inn Valley on the border with Austria. It was once the seat of the imperial county of Neuburg and is now a listed building.

Enjoy the spa at Falkenhof

In the pleasant atmosphere of the Falkenhof SPA it is easy to come into harmony with oneself. Swimming in salt water, bathing in the pleasantly warm healing water, enjoying peace and quiet. Purify in the sauna and recharge your batteries in the berg-crystal room. Take a deep breath in the salt chamber and strengthen your condition in the gym with garden view.

Features include private spa, sauna, muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen, water gymnastics in the salt water pool, Qi Gong, silent Qi Gong, meditation, Nordic walking, back training, yoga and run yourself fit.

Bavaria travel guide - Bio Thermalhotel Falkenhof spa in Bavaria
Bio Thermalhotel Falkenhof Spa

Do a tour of Passau

Join a guided custom tour of Passau’s splendor and misery. It’s an exciting guided tour (1-2 hours) that takes you back to baroque times.

Hofrat von Hörnigk or Hofapothekerin Röttler present you with the eventful history and impressive buildings of the Bavarian Venice. Magnificent churches and facades give the impression of a once powerful and rich bishop’s town.

Cycling tour in the Bavarian Forest

In the largest forest landscape in Central Europe, not only the first and oldest national park and the only primeval forest in Germany await you, but also two nature parks, an incomparably exciting cultural program and lots of sights.

Gentle tourism and sustainable travel are easy with in the Bavarian Forest. Whether on a family vacation, a hiking tour or a short break: Experience nature in Bavaria authentically and up close and discover the connection between nature conservation and sustainable vacation offers.

We highly recommend cycling, mountain biking and eBiking in the Bavarian Forest – the green roof of Europe! On approx. 7,000 km, the Bavarian Forest offers incredible biking experiences. Sporty bikers will also find challenging and natural mountain bike trails.

There’s also a treetop path in the middle of the Bavarian mixed mountain forest at the Lusen National Park Center near Neuschönau, the barrier-free Wipfelweg provides unique views and experiences. Make sure to experience this unique forest landscape and its life forms in a new dimension.

Alternative activity option: Paragliding and hang gliding in the Bavarian Forest. With paragliding and hang gliding you can take to the skies and discover the Bavarian Forest from above.

E-Bike tour in the Bavarian Forest

Get your e-bike at WOID RADL.

You can join a guided tour with Alex for a trip to the tree top walk. There’s also a viewing platform nearby, a natural swimming pond, Kneipp facility, “Klausen” and a stop in a restaurant. The tour is approximately a 27 km long bike loop between Grafenau, Natur-Sport-Zentrum and Neuschönau.

Highlights of the route: Tree top walk, large animal enclosure, Hans-Eisenmann-Haus visitor center, the Neuschönau wood path, natural swimming lake with beach bar and magnificent views are the highlights on this bike tour.

E-bike tour from Grafenau to Neuschönau and back via Haslach.

  • Marking: No. 83
  • Circular route: 27 km (to the National Park Cycle Path 12 km)
  • Starting point: Grafenau, Nature Sports Center, Neuschönau
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Altitude difference: 530 hm
  • Surface: approx. 47% path, 53% asphalt

The National Park circuit starts from Grafenau’s P9 fairground with a climb up the Spitzberg and continues along beautiful country lanes to Neudorf with magnificent views back to the town and the Bayerwald mountains. 

In Neudorf you cross the main road and cycle past the Herz-Jesu-Kirche (P Neudorf Kirche) along fields and meadows in the direction of Geistlicher Stein. Before the turnoff to Geistlicher Stein – at the model airfield – the tour leads off to the left to Kapfham

Here you follow the main road on the left for about 150 meters until a side road branches off to the right after the Riedl country inn

Passing the water reservoir with a wonderful panoramic view, you reach Elmberg. At the beginning of the village, the field path leads uphill and along the edge of the forest, accompanied by fantastic views of Rachel, Lusen and the Baumei of the tree top walk. 

On beautiful field paths with easy descents you reach the Schönanger Mühle. After a short uphill stretch on the main road in the direction of Schönanger, follow the Ziegeleiweg (brickyard path) to the right until you reach the old brickyard. 

After crossing the main road, the national park tour leads along the quiet side roads Grünbacher Straße, Hüttenweg and Badstraße to Neuschönau

A stop in Neuschönau is worthwhile, because the “wood community” holds a wood path and for sunny days a natural bathing lake ready. You finally reach the Lusen National Park Center past the church via Kaiserstrasse and Böhmstrasse.

The heart of the Lusen National Park Center is the Hans Eisenmann House. Informative, interactive and impressive, the permanent exhibition “Paths into nature.”  The permanent exhibition “Paths to Nature – A History of Forests and People” introduces visitors to the secrets of the Bavarian Forest National Park. The treetop path and the large animal enclosure are in the immediate vicinity.

Here there is a direct connection to the national park cycle path in the direction of Finsterau-Bucina (Czech border) or in the direction of Spiegelau. From the Lusen National Park Center, follow the National Park Cycle Path in the direction of Spiegelau until you reach P Thaddäus, where you branch off onto the cycle path to Forstwald

After about 200 meters downhill along the road you come to the Schönauer Mühle (from here again cycle path marking No. 83). 

Directly after the small bridge, the tour follows a beautiful field path to the left until Haslach. In the center of the village, turn left again along the village road until you reach the main road and from here continue in the direction of Grafenau to the Natur-Sport-Zentrum (busy section). Via Himmelreich and Kleblmühle you reach the Ohetal and back to Grafenau and the Radsport de Graaf.

Bavaria travel guide including cycling in the Bavarian Forest
Cycling in the Bavarian Forest – depositphotos.com

Um:welt – Energy Education Center

Make sure to visit um:welt – Energy Education Center for the careful use of energy and the environment.

Discover the connections between energy and climate. Learn, feel and experience how you can keep Earth on course. Get ideas for more responsibility, sustainability and climate protection.

Sustainable, vegetarian/vegan-friendly restaurants in Bavaria

Looking for vegan restaurants in Bavaria? That’s a tough one, but our Bavaria travel guide includes a few of the best restaurants that serve local, wholesome food for everyone to enjoy. And they also have vegetarian and/or vegan meals.

Falkenhof Hotel Restaurant

Highlights of the menu are that it’s completely organic, regional, species-appropriate, delicious, sustainable, healthy, creative and invigorating. Only the best comes to your place – 100% BIO and, if possible, regional and seasonal. And you can taste that. Expect crisp vegetables, fresh fish, juicy meat and oven-fresh bread.

They are BIO certified by the ABCERT AG: DE-ÖKÖ-006 BIO. 

  • Address: Paracelsusstraße 4, 94072 Bad Füssing

Wirtshaus Goldenes Schiff

Wirtshaus Goldenes Schiff is a great spot for lunch for regional, seasonal and vegetarian organic cuisine, served on a terrace with a view of the cathedral.

The Goldene Schiff feels committed to Bavarian cuisine not only through its history as a traditional inn. However, the Bavarian history also allows a look at the cuisine of neighboring countries and therefore the “Schiff” also likes to cook according to Austrian and Italian recipes.

However, their first priority is to use the “correct” food. “Correct” in their sense excludes everything that makes agricultural production today seem questionable and “wrong” – in terms of animal welfare, ecology, health, economy and last but not least taste.

  • Address: Unterer Sand 8, 94032 Passau

Am Paulusbogen

Dine in the heart of Passau’s old town with a magnificent view of the Danube and the Oberhaus at Am Paulusbogen. You will find traditional, well-bourgeois, Bavarian dishes next to modern creations and vegan delicacies.

  • Address: Rindermarkt 2, 94032 Passau


Enjoy a vegan meal at the restaurant at 7Sentidos. They cook with love, heart and dedication – and with the best produce.

The mindful use of their resources and nature is very close to their hearts. That’s why they offer you a tempting menu every day depending on season and regionality. They orientate themselves according to season, food & gusto, cooking what inspires them. Served and enjoyed on a large tray in your own hotel room. Always with oven-warm bread, olive oil and everything 100% vegan without animal products.

  • Address: Halliant-Gerstl GBR, Grossbaernbacher Strt. 50, D-94253 Bishop Corn

Restaurant Kneitinger

The “Kneitinger” is considered the cult place among the traditional houses in Regensburg. When it comes to experiencing Bavarian hospitality, you are in good hands with them. Here, the friendly beer connects nationalities and generations. Bavarian delicacies and the popular Bock provide for mood and joy for both young and old. It’s for a good reason that “Der Kneitinger” is affectionately called “The Motherhouse” by the people of Regensburg.

  • Address: Arnulfspl. 3, 93047 Regensburg, Germany


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