Budget-Friendly Boat Trips in Barcelona


Ever thought about taking boat trips in Barcelona?

Barcelona is fortunate enough to host warm weather almost all year round, making it the perfect place to experience a boat ride. Whether you fancy a quick half hour trip to cool down, or want to hire your own boat for the whole day but you’re on a budget, we’re here to help. 

With the incredible Mediterranean sea just a short stroll from the city centre, there’s nothing stopping you from making the most of it. Take advantage of the hot weather, the unique experiences on offer and soak up the sun.

Our guide on the best boat experiences on a budget will help you figure out where to start… 

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Boat trips in Barcelona

Boat trips in Barcelona
Boat trips in Barcelona

Boat Trip Barcelona is one of the top ranked boat tours in the city for its value for money! Enjoy a group sail trip for less than £50, during which you will be invited to jump into the water for a swim and experience paddleboarding.

The trip offers snacks and sparkling wine, and the opportunity to spot dolphins in the sea where they are known to be swimming. The maximum per group is 11 people, making this a great choice for a large group of friends or even a couple of families who want to make the most of the glorious sunshine! 

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Parc de la Ciutadella 

Parc de la Ciutadella for boat trips in Barcelona
Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona

For a more casual boat experience head over to the Parc de la Ciutadella where you can rent a boat for up to 4 people for just 12 euros! This is a quick half an hour ride where you are free to explore the small area of water and admire the beautiful surroundings in the park. This is a great idea for a sweet afternoon date or just something a bit different to do whilst exploring the main sights of the city. 

Barcelona Sail Boats

Barcelona Sail Boats
Barcelona Sail Boats

From sailboat trips for 11 people to Catamaran trips for up to 33 people, Barcelona sail boats have you covered. For up to 6 hours you can rent a sailing boat, participate in sailing yourself, swim in the seas and enjoy the breeze and the sun. The company provides snacks, cava, beers, soft drinks, water making this a great choice for a big group of friends, families, or even for parties or celebrations. Starting at €290, equaling just under €30 per person, this is an affordable choice for a great experience. 

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Join Sam Boat in Barcelona

Sam Boat in Barcelona
Sam Boat in Barcelona

Sam Boat is the perfect place to go to experience the freedom of a motorboat for the entire day (10am-6pm) with friends and family in the glorious sunshine. You can rent for up to 6 people with starting prices at just over €35 per person. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, as the owner Marta speaks Spanish, English and Italian. You can rent the boat bare or with a skipper, whichever suits you. 

For a cheaper choice, rent a sailboat for up to 12 people, with a mandatory skipper for around €18 per person. Enjoy the stunning views over the Mediterranean, bring your own food and drink, use their speakers and make the most of the 3 cabins they have to offer.

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Sunset Jazz Cruise in Barcelona

Sunset Jazz Cruise in Barcelona
Sunset Jazz Cruise in Barcelona

For €18.66 you can experience a sunset cruise on the Mediterranean where there will be live jazz music, options to grab a drink and a snack, an open- air deck for you to check out the views over the Barcelona skyline and the opportunity to make memories in Barcelona. There will be a sailing tour included, as well as transportation and, of course, alcoholic drinks available for purchase. What a way to spend a beautiful evening. 

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